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Event Dates & Program List

**Programs and event dates may change. Please check periodically for updates.

September 2022 Constitution Week

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Constitution Week is upon us, and we are celebrating the 235th year since this important document was signed. Packets are being distributed to local schools. We have expanded our Ringing of the Bells Celebration to include our community and it will be exciting! This year we will be at the Marietta Square on September 17th. We will begin at 3:00pm and conclude shortly after the ringing of the bells at 4:00pm. The program will include patriotic music, posting of the colors by a local JROTC unit, Pledge of Allegiance, prayers by local clergy, recitation of the American's Creed and Preamble to the Constitution, and finally the ringing of bells from downtown Marietta Churches, as well as bell ringing by our attendees. It is a great opportunity to remind our community of the importance of the Constitution, and we look forward to celebrating this event with our downtown Marietta community. Please attend and bring your family, friends and neighbors to be part of this meaningful patriotic event.

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November 2022 American Heritage Month

November is American Heritage Month, and the Georgia Room is sponsoring this special program.  It's a great way to increase our knowledge about Georgia's Cherokees.  

GeorgiaCherokee.png Nov 2022.jpg
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